Katie Anderson is a thief and scammer. Don’t buy Hoyas @shopumble

Katie Anderson sells Hoya plants that she imports from Asia and sells at her site, Umbel. She is a scammer. She works with Cassie Boorn, who steals money all the time. There are posts all over the Internet about people who are angry at Cassie for stealing their money. I’m going to tell you about how Cassie and Katie work together.

Get ready. The last time I was this angry about someone in a blog post was when I wrote about David Dellifield.

Umbel has no positive reviews. Katie does not have her email or contact info anywhere. But she has multiple paragraphs about the hoops you will have to jump through to get a refund. This is what she looks like:

I asked Cassie to help me find someone to fix design problems on my website. Cassie recommended Katie and I gave them both admin access to my site. Yes. That was really stupid. Because all my money goes through my site. So okay, probably no one will be that dumb. But a lot of people would do business with Cassie or Katie, so I’m making sure you don’t.

Here is a scam Katie and Cassie did together: Cassie stole my money and I couldn’t figure out where it went, but I was panicked. Almost immediately Katie offered to lend me money for 24 hours at 50% interest rate. All of these transactions are in email and text. Cassie and Katie don’t even deny that they did all this. They just don’t care.

Do not do business with either of them. Cassie Boorn and Katie Anderson are thieves. Also. Chicago digital marketing and Peoria. Because they are hoping I won’t bother with those search terms. But I’m on it.